SUBSCRIPTION LXteam BASIC – 1Year +6000 Live TV Channels + 4000 VOD

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LXtream Player Subscription 1Year

LXtream Player and an iptv application that gives you access to more than 2000 channels. And more than 6000 VOD movies and series. With good quality and above all stability guaranteed even in the day of the big match. The list of channels and VODs are updated regularly and free of charge. This happens automatically without any changes required by you. The server is stable and has been running for more than 5 years. We have won praise from customers around the world.

LXtream Player FOR ANDORID

The LXtream Player app apk support all Android devices be it an android box you can download it and install it on your box:

also after having installed it on your device just enter the code, then click on the login. you will enjoy it.

LXtream Player FOR SMART IPTV:

You can also use your subscription directly on your smart.tele with the smart iptv application. Just enter the mac address that shows you on the smart iptv app on its place as you can see on the image.

You can get the smart tv list from the seller. Then download on http: // send us your mac adress for you launches the list directly. So if you have any questions you can contact us on email box or on our facebook page


1. LXtream Player is an online television program whose server is stable and has been running for more than 5 years. We have won praise from customers around the world.

2. It can work with Android devices (X96, T95N, X92, for example), Magbox (Mag25X, TVonline, Migo Box), Enigma2 / Linux systems (eg DreamBox, Vu-solo, Vu-duo), Iphone , Ipad, VLC Player and Smart TV (eg Samsung, LG, Sony)

3. It has over 1300 live channels, including those in the Middle East, Turkey, France, Italy, the United Kingdom, Spain, Portugal, Germany, Benelux, Saudi Arabia , from Africa, Tunis, Algeria, Kurdi, Morocco, Souda and Mauritania. LXtream Player offers various live channels, variety shows and popular sports channels that will make your life wonderful.

4. For Apk & M3U & Mag, it will show you 2000+ VOD. You can enjoy it anytime and watch VOD programs from start to finish.

5. This is a subscription only, do not include any box or device.

6. For a better viewing experience, the bandwidth must be greater than 8 Mbit / s to enjoy smoothly HD channels.

7. IPTV Validity: The code will be calculated from the moment you start watching IPTV channels with.

8. A series of resellers offers custom IPTV services. For more information, please contact us


Do not try to connect more equipment with one subscription, otherwise we will ban it forever.

Do not invade the server, otherwise we will ban it forever.

not to share the TV program, otherwise we will ban it forever.


We can not reimburse due to technical issues unless you allow us to help you. If we can not solve the problem for you, we will refund you. Please open contact us before requesting a refund for a technical problem.
Refunds can only be issued within 7 days of the date of purchase. After 7 days, no refund can be processed.


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